OntoTrans will bring together expertise in Materials, Modelling, Translation, Semantic knowledge systems, Marketplaces and Industrial Applications that have been identified in the context of the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC), including its recent European Materials Modelling Ontology (EMMO) development.
It's important to note that OntoTrans will provide the development of a standard translation system based on an EU community-developed materials modelling ontology.

Overall methodology approach

The overall methodological approach of OntoTrans can be summarized very briefly in the following statements:
Develop a common ontology-based representational framework to express, store and navigate knowledge in its most general sense (e.g. relations, properties, data, cases) through a knowledge base repository.
Develop interfaces to interpret existing domain of interest knowledge sources (e.g. databases, simulation software) as ontological entities that will populate the knowledge base repository, according to the needs of the users.
Develop software tools enabling the translators to navigate through the knowledge base repository (i.e. Exploratory Search System) and to infer new relations.
Provide user friendly application focused GUIs (i.e. APPS) to guide translators into the translation process of single specific manufacturing challenges, without the need to go into the detail of ontological representation.
Integrate all tools with existing H2020 projects efforts (i.e. OSPs, marketplaces, BDSSs) to facilitate the future use and further development of the translation environment.
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