The OntoTrans project responds to the need of industry to respond to manufacturing challenges more efficiently by accessing the relevant information and utilising materials modelling more effectively. In particular, there is a need to strengthen the use of translation as a router supporting end users to get to relevant data and models. 

To this end, OntoTrans provides a general-purpose ontology-based Open Translation Environment (OTE) able to support the development of dedicated Apps delivering a smart guidance for materials producers and product manufacturers (including associated Translators) through the whole steps of the translation process, by:



manufacturing process challenges in a standard ontological form as technical and business User Cases (UC)


user cases with existing appropriate information sources i.e. available data and materials modelling solutions


consistent materials modelling workflow options


simulation and validation activities


semantic results interpretation to facilitate sharing and re-use of user cases and results
with the final aim to improve decision making processes in a smart integration of Open Simulation Platforms (OSP), data-driven models, materials databases, exploratory and recommendation system and ontology driven database. The OTE will be demonstrated through the in-project development and usage of Apps addressing four selected relevant manufacturing challenges.


OntoTrans provides an ontology-based Open Translation Environment, namely smart targeted guidance through the whole translation process; from the initial user case specification to actual materials modelling workflows with related validation, verification and uncertainty quantifications to deliver a full complete experience to companies. OntoTrans has following objectives....
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Materials Modelling has evolved dramatically in its capabilities over the last decades. What once were codes that could only be operated by authors and other experts has developed into professional software with user friendly interfaces that is used by tens of thousands of scientists.
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OntoTrans will bring together expertise in Materials, Modelling, Translation, Semantic knowledge systems, Marketplaces and Industrial Applications that have been identified in the context of the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC), including its recent European Materials Modelling Ontology (EMMO) development.
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OntoTrans is developed and tested alongside four industrial challenges covering different types of materials and industries, targeting increased competitiveness by means of a semantic data-driven and agile approach.
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