The European Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative - AMI2030

4. January 2023

Gerhard Goldbeck (European Materials Modelling Council Executive Secretary and OntoTrans Technical Manager) presented the EMMC led Working Group 1 'Materials Digitalisation' during the 'Discovering AMI2030 - The European Advanced Materials Initiative' event on December 16, 2022. In the presentation he talks about materials digitalisation objectives, creating a common materials data space and digitally integrating and iterating data and knowledge activities throughout the life cycle. Working Group 1 will contribute to finalising the AMI2030 Roadmap, detailing the priorities in data-driven development of advanced materials and materials data management.

The goal of the Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative and the vision of the Materials 2030 Manifesto is to build a strong European Materials ecosystem driving the green and digital transition as well as sustainable inclusive European society through a systemic collaboration of upstream developers, downstream users and citizens and all stakeholders in between. This will accelerate the development of sustainable advanced materials and create a new vision of Advanced Materials for Europe to remain competitive.

You can watch the recording of the whole 'Discovering AMI2030' event here or skip directly to minute 50 to just watch the presentation of Working Group 1.

To learn more about the European Advanced Materials 2030 Initiative you can visit the official webiste.

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