Call: H2020-NMBP-TO-IND-2019 / GA Nr. 862136 / Start: April 1, 2020 / Duration: 48 months

OntoTrans provides an ontology-based Open Translation Environment. Its Artificial Intelligence approach enables end users to represent in a standard ontological form their manufacturing process challenges and to connect them with relevant information sources and materials modelling solutions, capable to support optimal materials and process design.

OntoTrans provides smart targeted guidance through the whole translation process, namely from the initial user case specification to actual materials modelling workflows with related validation, verification and uncertainty quantifications to deliver a full complete experience to companies. This is achieved via analysis of available data (data fusion), modelling workflow options, simulation and contextual results interpretation.

OntoTrans is fully integrated into existing and emerging developments in materials and manufacturing, including integration with digital materials modelling marketplaces and open simulation platforms. Its footing on the European Materials Modelling Ontology ensuring wide interoperability and standardisation.

OntoTrans combines competencies in the fields of materials modelling, materials ontology, data interoperability, software development and materials synthesis, involving partners from academia, research institutes, SMEs and large industries.

OntoTrans will strongly cooperate with other materials modelling H2020 projects, since its OTE is designed to be a fully integrated component of a more general materials modelling ecosystem that has been proposed by the European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC) and supported in the H2020 Work Programmes.

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